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Infracomms is a communication infrastructure supply chain specialist that has many years of experience in supplying and deploying copper connectivity solutions, fiber optics connectivity solution and advanced coverage for indoor and outdoor environment. Our regional customers include Telco operators, Telco OEM Vendors, Telco System Integrators, Marine and Offshore integrators, Government agencies - Defence and Security, Top Class RnD, Manufacturers, educational institutions and other technology innovators. We are committed to our customers and partners in providing high quality technical support, commissioning and maintenance, kitting, configuration and logistics services.

Company Service

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and be their solution partner in the following areas: Total Supply Chain Solution - Best of breeds product distribution solutions - Telco grade components inventory management - Kitting, Configuration and Logistics Services Technology Evaluation & Advisory - Wireless System Architecture Design - Technology transfer seminars Maintenance and Technical Support - 1st, 2nd and 3rd line SLA Technical Support for our equipment - IM3 PIM testing and improvement services - System commissioning services - Equipment after warranty maintenance services